Give Away the Farm


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Explanation for "Give Away the Farm"       

Connection and Frame



Dancing with a Hat

Hat Tricks

Two Step Level 1

Basic 2-step Segment 1  

Basic 2-step Segment 2

2-step Underarm Turns

Conversation Basic

Conversation Alternate Entry & Exits



Two Step Level 2

Underarm Turn Entry to Promenade

Underarm Turn Exit from Promenade

Continuous Underarm Turns from Promenade

Walk Through - Square Off - Single Turn

Left Body Turn

Forward to Tandem Turns to Promenade Back

Parallel Walks

Two Step Level 3

Promenade - Walk Through Square Off - Single

Walk Through Square Off - Continuous - Single

Two Hand Promenade

Outside Swirl - Single Turn

Continuous Belt Loops

Promenade to Lady's Free Spin

Advanced Two Step Patterns

Swirl-Throw Out-Wrap Combo

Hip Spins

Beginning Polka

Basic Polka

Polka Single Under-arm Turn

Advanced Polka


Beginning Triple-2 Step

Basic Triple-2 Step 

Triple-2 Step Under Arm Turn

Advanced Triple-2 Step


Beginning Waltz

Basic Waltz

Waltz Twinkle

Advanced Waltz

Beginning Nite Club 2 Step

Basic Nite Club

Nite Club Under Arm Turn

Advanced Nite Club 2 Step

Jitterbug - East Coast Swing - Level 1

Basic Jitterbug - East Coast Swing 

Jitterbug Under Arm Turns

East Coast Swing Under Arm Turns

ECS Closed Rotations

ECS Sweetheart Wrap

Advanced East Coast Swing

Head Loops

Beginning Cha Cha

Basic Cha Cha Chasť

Cha Cha Cross Over Breaks

Advanced Cha Cha

Cha Cha Hammerlock

Beginning Tango

Basic Tango (Big File-slow download-Please Wait)

Tango Promenade

Advanced Tango

Beginning West Coast Swing

Basic WCS

Right Side Pass

Advanced West Coast Swing

Beginning Salsa

Basic Salsa

Salsa Quick Underarm Turn

Advanced Salsa


The Hustle



Slow Dancing







Bachata Basics and Lady's Turns


 Giving Away the Farm

The concept of giving away the farm derives from a phrase that means an individual gives away his livelihood.  Most dance clubs do this to some extent by offering free classes at various establishments.  Betty and I have noticed that there are some who only go to the free classes and never join any class, and that is ok.  However, for the most part, they are getting minimal instruction.

Our objective is to impart our joy of dancing to as many people as possible.  As a general rule, we are not going to offer our classes for free.  On the other hand, we elect to offer written instruction free to the viewers of our web site.  If you choose to visit our site often, you will be treated to in-depth, written instruction in a number of dances.   We will begin with basic 2 Step.  Over the course of the issues, we will teach basic Polka, Salsa, Cha-Cha, Waltz, East Coast Swing, and West Coast Swing.  Once we have established the basics in each, we will begin presenting written instruction in more advanced patterns in each dance.

There will be text to explain each concept accompanied with graphic illustrations.  One of the failures of written instruction for dance in the past has been the inability of the author to demonstrate motion when required.  We plan to overcome this difficulty with a unique graphic method that marries freeze-frames to a timing clock.  


Also, from time to time, there will be animated graphics.  Since these segments are intensively loaded with pictures, the pictures will be rendered as line drawings rather than bitmaps to keep the size of the files down and to reduce your download time.

I'll be the first to admit that written instruction is not the best way to learn how to dance.  The best way is in a class or a private with an instructor present.  However, you can learn with written instruction if you choose to do so, and you devote the time to it. 

If this is your choice, I urge you to bookmark this website, and keep on coming back.  Everything we offer in this column is for free.  You may use it any way you like with the exceptions that you may not sell or publish it without permission from 2Step2 Dance Studio.  If you give the material to others, you must admonish them likewise.  In addition, if you do share this with others, we ask that you give credit to 2Step2 Dance Studio.